Monday, September 7, 2009

Noob cooking

We have cooked for our first 2 meals after buying the necessities. 1 thing is that cooking save us lots of $$$.

mini rice cooker

fried rice without taste. gg

ayambrand baked beans

just-1-dish. kolian


zhenlong25 said...

hahahaha i don't know why but i laugh out seeing those photos with your captions xD maybe think about your funny face also =P

Dai sei home don't want learn....but will eventually get better in the meantime, eat ur tasteless rice

Melvin'S said...

haha..why will no taste?
simply add some sesame oil, soy sauce, oyster sauce, pepper..LOL..

one dish ok ma..somemore baked beans..i can finish one bowl of rice with that too..but now eat baked beans eat dao very wei jor..haha

reddishTea said...

LOL!!! melvin sounds soooooo pro ler! hahaha. weiren, get recipes from mel. hehehe.

yealar ol! i also can imagine his funny face. hahaha. sure keep D and F ahahha:P

Melvin'S said...

hahaha..i also dun have to give

hueyMay said...


Melvin'S said...

hahahaha wat? u imagine his funny looking face too? haha