Monday, September 7, 2009

Noob cooking

We have cooked for our first 2 meals after buying the necessities. 1 thing is that cooking save us lots of $$$.

mini rice cooker

fried rice without taste. gg

ayambrand baked beans

just-1-dish. kolian

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The worst thing ever - Carelessness

Things have been going well but yet, I couldn`t blame myself for being so careless. My mum has been nagging me for stop being such careless and forgetful. And she`s right. I have ruined up many things because of my carelessness.

  • 3 Sept, 2009 - I accidentally broke the tapping tool inside my aluminum clamp and caused an imperfection of my project
  • August 2009 - BIG silly mistake in changing flight date. Mention "29th of September" instead of "29th of August". Consequence? The lost of Rm 1567.
  • Academic - Since secondary school, has been committing unnecessary careless mistakes in tests.
  • Daily - Always leave tasks undone and mess up things.

Damn it. How bad more could I be.

Monday, August 31, 2009


Woo. The download speed in UBC is so amazingly fast. Too bad I have nothing to download and thus wasted the 6gb quota/day.

Result form

Download time estimated for various types of file

How come? =.="

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Back to Canada II

It was 29th of August, 2009. Days before that, preparations have been done and an item checklist has been revised to to avoid leaving out any important items behind. Besides, I was craving and going after some nice food. I would definitely miss those local cuisine for the next 8 months, or probably, 10. Time passed so fast especially during the last 2 weeks just before my flight date. And it has been so hapenning......

It was a great Friday in 28th of August. Nice dimsum breakfast with secret_james and sze shee at Ming Kwok. Delicious prawn, .....prawn....., and PRAWN again! For no doubt prawn is served best in dimsum, and it's my favourite. Nice cocking by James, but it's moderate compared to his cocking the night later. Sze shee had dinner at Wing Hiong Low for lunch next. geng! lol

The whole afternoon was spent to do the final packing. And too bad I missed the movie [UP]. Struggling between Kensington and Sikka and finally Kensington has been chosen. SWT. Cock_james could not control himself. Of course, nobody could stand against him. Tired ah (In Chinese). By the way, gonna miss the moment together = ( Right after that, as I wished, had a light meal at Sikka. Before going home, yamcha @ foodtiam. Nice chocolate ice.

Woke up early in Saturday morning and emo-ing for unknown reasons. The time took not long to reach 2pm, and we started heading to KLIA with parents. On the way, I texted my friends to greet TatA for the last time. The journey took us 45 minutes. I was the latest to arrive amongst my friends. And then there was meet up between our parents and comparison of the things being brought to Malaysia. Of course, I won it ^.^

When I was ready to queue up for checking in, I received call from HaoLuan aka SecreT aka lengjai james. Surprisingly, they, james/zhen long/sze shee/yintse/cliff, were somewhere inside KLIA. Before that, I still received messages greeting byebye on car. James was even cocking in Mgroup when I left my house. And right at the moment, there came they 5 towards counter G.

p/s: thanks very much my friends. I was very happy and touch. Sorry for the long ride and time spent, but indeed I very appreciate it. U all really lighten up the last moment of myself being in airport. Until when we can meet again leh.......

Somehow, James and the others felt desperate for not having a chance to ride sze shee's new car, which I am unsure whether it's "shift" or "swift" [I don't really interested in car models]. Guiltiness start overwhelming sze shee, i guess? lol. Just joking =D

Within the 2 hours, I had many ugly yongsui pictures being taken. lol! My camera phobia will surely exist long before I can overcome it. And I am sure there is a collection of my ugly pictures held by sze shee's dslr, which is inherited from being uploaded to avoid corrupting Facebook. lol! And I din't take any picture with my parents, since my phobia is inhibited from them. Quote from my mum: "Bu Yao Pai La, Hen Nan Kan." See!

Of course I have the right to capture your guy's last appearance before we can meet up again. Hehe.

Ai dao bao

the most lengzai 1 in our group

My listener and advisor



Last but not least, we request a group photo taken by a foreign visitor using yintse's polaroid camera. The picture taken was nice. It make the picture looks very memorable. Thanks yintse for granting me 1 of it.

Glimpse on my hand


Phew. Blogging took my time again. Yet there are 2 upcoming quizzes in the next 2 days.
Until cursor clicks the "new post" again. lol.

Gonna miss everything in Malaysia!

Monday, August 24, 2009


Don't ever feel condom advertisements are always related to mature adult content. Actually it can be advertised using a cute way too.

Cute le.lmao.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

1 More Week

I couldn't really remember since when this blog has been long abandoned. Maybe it's time for me to continue writing for it. 4-months-long holidays will soon end, and more challenges will come upon starting next fall. This August is not any ordinary month that I have faced before. It has been so happening for me. One glad thing is that I can stay in Msia until 29th Aug (even with the lost of RM1567!!!).

Friends, I does cherish our friendship. Thanks. May we be BFF!

My family, I have failed myself as a son and a brother. Sorry for my temper and impatience.

Incoming updates...........................

Saturday, February 21, 2009

~Fly Away~ 我是一只小小小小鸟

The 1-week-long spring break will be ending in 2 more days. By the time I am writing this post, some of my friends are having the precious moment with their families in KLIA as they will be having a safe journey to overseas for their studies. Yep. It's 6.11pm in Malaysia now and they should be attending a briefing from JPA representatives as what I have experienced before. After 2 hours, they will be boarding MAS airplane and leaving their parents and Malaysia. Sounds sad right? Well. Just try to think positively and it's actually a great thing to be cherished about.

Yeah. We --- who origin from Bukit Mewah and Chung Hua are everywhere all around the world, ranging from Australia, NewZealand, Germany, USA, and last but not least Canada. These opportunities are granted with the blessing of GoD and some lucks. I am pretty sure that all of us have never imagined, or even believed that we could eventually step onto foreign countries and sit in the same class with those foreigners.

  • I am sure Yixiang is doing pretty good at Carnegie Mellon and 1 thing that surprises all of us is that he is now in a relationship with a Jew. Pro Yx!
  • Melvin Wong will difinitely enjoy his life and study in Australia and maybe he will follow Yx's trail?Haha.
  • My bro, Mingjoun. Hope you have a safe journey to New Zealand and it's glad that Yeong Fatt is going to the same university with you.
  • Jing Xiong will be heading to Germany. Pity you man. Your course takes long time than ours.LOL
  • One Luv will also be going oversea next year. Sad wu.
  • And, our leng zai James who hope to get scholarship to oversea. To achieve that, U MUST STOP DOTA LIAO! u can do it man! gambateh
Yup. Now let's talk about the plans of going back to Malaysia during summer break. As I know, summer break in Australia and NewZealand falls between November and February. This indicates that my fellow besties have the chance to celebrate CNY in Malaysia. Envy! Unfortunately, Yx and I will be missing CNY celebrations for 4 years. >>>>>4 YEARS!!<<<<<
But 1 common thing is that all of us will surely cherish the moment of being together with families and friends.

Good luck to MJ, FT, JX, MEL and the others that I miss. Hope you all have a great time in overseas. Yeah. And to all my friends in Malaysia, all the best in your studies too. Hehe there will be one day when all of us meet together again. Hehe. Finally, for all of us in UBC, let's endure the 2 months left in the first year. Amen.

I suspected that I am suffering from hemorrhoid. DIE lo me.ZZZ.